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Hire a civil lawsuit attorney in Melville, New York

Are you involved in a civil lawsuit as a defendant or a plaintiff?

Would you like to learn the full breadth of your options as you weigh the pros and cons of taking an issue to court?

Get in touch with the Law Office of Francis X. Casale, Jr., PLLC. Francis X. Casale, Jr. has successfully represented clients in a wide range of civil law issues in Melville, New York. From contract disputes to contested wills, he’ll help you achieve the best outcome possible.

Develop a strategy for success

Francis X. Casale is skilled at pursuing civil lawsuits in Melville, New York—or defending from them! Boasting 40 years of experience, he’s a Melville, New York civil attorney who’ll protect your rights in a:

• Contract dispute
• Neighbor or landlord disagreement
• Contested will or probate case
• Family law issue

Call 631-293-3332 to consult with a practiced civil lawyer in Melville, New York.

Civil Lawsuit Attorney

Civil Lawsuit Attorney

In the Melville, NY area

At the Law Office of Francis X Casale Jr., we know that disagreements happen. If two parties cannot reach a mutually agreeable solution, then they may have to turn to the courts for help resolving their issue. Civil litigation is used to resolve all sorts of conflicts, from contract disputes to personal injury cases; from disagreements between neighbors to contested wills.

If you find yourself involved in a civil lawsuit, do not head to court on your own. Whether you're the defendant or the plaintiff, you need the advice and guidance of a litigator who has experience with all aspects of civil litigation. Francis X Casale Jr. can prepare and file the lawsuit while continuing to try to negotiate an out-of-court settlement. And if the disagreement can't be resolved amicably, Francis X Casale Jr. of Melville, New York will work with you to develop a strategy for success, represent you in court and advocate on your behalf during the civil trial.

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